is a division of Hurst Lending & Insurance.  We specialize in helping customers obtain loans without private mortgage insurance (PMI).

5 Ways to Avoid PMI

If you are looking to purchase a home and want a loan with no PMI, can help.  There are actually several ways to avoid paying PMI when you purchase a home. will help you choose the best option for your situation. Generally, we will talk with you about five main alternatives to PMI.

1.  Put Down 20%

Why we are saving 20% for a down paymentThe best way to get a loan with No PMI is to make a 20% down payment on your home.  When you put down 20% you get the lowest interest rates possible with No Private Mortgage Insurance.

2. Get a VA Loan (if you are Veteran)

If you are a military veterans, you can also avoid mortgage insurance by obtaining a VA loanVA loans do not have PMI and you can borrow up to 100%.


3. Get a Second Loan

If the above options don’t work for you, you can use a 2nd lien to get a no PMI loan.  To make this work you get a primary loan for 80% of the value and a second lien for the remainder of the purchase price.  Second loans have a slightly higher rate that normal first liens but is a great way to avoid PMI.

4. Pay a Fee to Eliminate PMI

You can pay an upfront fee to the lender to eliminate the monthly mortgage insurance.  This is an ok option to consider if you are in a flat to down market where you can pay higher closing costs.  Only use this option if your house will not appreciate to 20% equity in the forseeable future and you want to pay a up front fee to “buy out” the MI.

5. Take Higher Rate to Avoid PMI

The last way to avoid PMI is to take higher interest rate in exchange for a loan with No PMI.  We never recommend this option since you will be stuck with the higher interest rate for the life of your loan.

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Aggie-100-Jay-Carrie-e1364075298638 Our division was recently recognized by Texas A&M University for being one of the 100 fastest growing Aggie owned companies. Jay and Carey Hurst, our founder and his wife, are shown accepted this award from Texas A&M University for 2nd year in a row (Aggie 100 list for 2012 and 2013).

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  • I couldn’t be Happier

    "Jay does a great job… How low were the fees and closings costs? … Extremely competitive. I sent his gfe to a competitor and they didn’t even bother sending a gfe back.. they just said: i can’t beat that… Jay got me a great deal as well. I bought a new home so initially I dealt with the builder’s “preferred lender.” Once I got Jay’s offer and compared them it wasn’t even close. I told my builder’s “preferred lender” what Jay’s offer was and he stated “sounds too good to be true, you sure he has everything included in his gfe.” Well it was true and I couldn’t be happier."

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  • Sweetest kindest girls I have ever met

    – Peggy Sue McRae, December 2011

    "Concerning Sonja (from thev loan processing department), what can I say about one of the sweetest kindest girls I have ever “met” … Sonja is such an asset to this company and deserves recognition of her merit. She is highly intelligent, she is overwhelmingly accurate in her assessment of her job duties and she still manages to communicate with clients on their level and with empathy. I have never worked with anyone that was this capable and efficient and with such a warm personality. Sonja, I know that you are your parents’ pride, and your husband and children’s calm in the storm. May you be blessed wonderfully for the kindness you have shown me, and hopefully you will find yourself in Lott Texas one day sharing an iced tea with an old gal that thinks you are something special!"

  • Highly recommend Jay and his staff for home loans and refi’s

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  • Exceeded our Expectations

    – Mark Lloyd (customer of our sister company AgsReward Mortgage), November 2011

    "In an age where great customer service has become nearly extinct, you have figured out how to make it a standard part of your business. You not only met all of our expectations, you exceeded them and delivered as promised. Lisa and I truly appreciate your all of you hard work in helping us get in to our new home and we will be telling all of our family and friends about our fantastic experience in working with you. Best of luck in your future business endeavors. Thanks and God Bless."

  • You guys are awesome

    – Mike Worden, November 2011

    "Scott … You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your help as this one was a little challenging….much appreciated!"

  • Great rate

    – David Buck, November 2011

    "We got a great rate and appreciate the check back."

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